Message from the Director

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The Master of Arts in Language Studies (MALS) was established in 1992 within the Faculty of Arts at HKBU. Over a period of almost 30 years, MALS has built a reputation for providing a quality post-graduate education that gives students well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of the current and leading linguistic subjects and issues. As you explore our website, you will see that we have a team of highly qualified teachers with years of teaching and research experience. Our teachers have published in many of the research areas that are covered in our courses.


If you are currently a language teacher, or wish to become one, successfully completing the MALS programme will provide you with a relevant post-graduate degree that can increase your chances of promotion and/or a raise in salary. A degree from MALS can also make you more qualified for any career that requires good language and communication skills and knowledge. For anyone who may be interested in a career in academia, MALS offers a thesis option for qualified students, providing them with research experience and increasing their chance of going on to get a research degree, such as a PhD.


We are proud of the community of MALS graduates that our programme has created. We hope you will consider applying to MALS so that one day you too may become a member of this successful community of language specialists.


John Wakefield, PhD
Department of English Language and Literature
Hong Kong Baptist University
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Director, Master of Arts in Language Studies Programme