Message from the Director

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The Master of Arts in Language Studies (MALS) programme at Hong Kong Baptist University is under the Faculty of Arts. The programme aims to equip students with the ability to explore the structures and functions of language and to apply this knowledge towards related disciplines, preparing and training them for their future careers.


MALS is jointly offered by the Department of English Language and Literature and the Language Centre. The synergy from the two units provides a team of highly qualified teachers, who are productive in academic research and who possess diverse overseas academic and living experiences. In addition to obtaining knowledge and skills, MALS students are also exposed to cultural diversity.


Focusing on different dimensions of language, the training at MALS prepares our graduates for a range of jobs that require good language and communication skills, such as language teachers, or for further studies, such as a PhD in linguistics.


We are proud of the community of MALS teachers and graduates. We hope you join MALS and become a member of this successful community of language specialists.


Mingxing LI, PhD

Department of English Language and Literature

Hong Kong Baptist University

Associate Professor, Linguistics

Director, Master of Arts in Language Studies Programme