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Core Course
Course CodeCourse Name
Semester 1
LANG 7110Research Methodology
LANG 7401Introduction to the Study of Language: Part I
LANG 7510Language in Society
Semester 2
LANG 7402Introduction to the Study of Language: Part II
LANG 7610Discourse Analysis
Elective Course
Course CodeCourse Name
LANG 7390Special Topic in Language Studies
LANG 7530Language Curriculum
LANG 7540Language for Specific Purposes
LANG 7550English as a World Language
LANG 7570Language and Education
LANG 7580Language Development
LANG 7590Advanced Topics in Discourse Studies
LANG 7600Comparative Studies of English and Chinese Grammar
LANG 7630Pragmatics in Language Learning and Teaching
LANG 7640Grammar of Modern English
LANG 7650Advanced Seminar in Language and Gender
LANG 7660Linguistics and Liberal Thinking
LANG 7670Linguistic Analysis of Children's Literature
LANG 7680Language, Politics, and Identity

LANG 7402Introduction to the Study of Language: Part II
This two-semester course (LANG 7401-2) introduces students to five core components in linguistics: morphology, syntax, phonetics, phonology, and semantics. It will provide students with a solid grounding in fundamental concepts and methodologies of these five linguistic areas, which will enable them to tackle linguistic problems systematically and help them understand that despite superficial diversity, human languages share fundamental similarities in terms of the universal principles that govern their possible structures. This aim will be approached and achieved through exploring language data. Methods of formal analysis will be applied to data drawn from a variety of languages, with a focus on the analysis and comparison of English and Chinese. Systematic properties generalized from the analysis will be discussed in relation to their application to language teaching and other fields. (Course LANG 7402 on offer in Sem 2)
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